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Military Schools Leadership   In addition to encouraging the development of personal discipline through the observance of strict routine, military schools are especially effective at instilling leadership skills. While all boarding schools encourage independence and self-esteem, a military school promotes the leadership role in every aspect of cadet life, including the classroom, in sports and in military training. For instance, the student with the highest academic rank might take the roll in class. In military boarding schools, all students, not just the brightest or the most popular, are expected to achieve leadership status as upperclassmen. The military school approach provides another significant opportunity for students to assume leadership responsibility. Leadership training is a very important characteristic of life at military school. "Students learn to handle people," he explains. "They are put in charge of a group of cadets, and they have to learn the ropes of leading and being a boss. All students are involved in this process. It teaches them that being a leader isn't intimidating. They learn to delegate authority and not micromanage situations.

  Significant component of a military school education is the emphasis on character development, moral-ethical training, spiritual development and the Honor Code.

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