Troubled Teens Internalization
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Troubled Teens Internalization:

  In the process of changing behavior, it is necessary to develop a strong foundation of beliefs, attitudes, and values. These serve as the reasoning behind decisions and ultimately habits. These habits and choices directly affect our lives be it for better or worse.

  Internalization therefore is the long-term process of having self-motivated, long-term change based upon newfound beliefs, attitudes, and values supported by repetition and reinforcement of positive choices. Essentially, true internalization replaces previous non-working beliefs, attitudes, and values with positive ones that become a part of the new character of the individual.

  Successful internalization occurs only by extensive repetition, which ultimately becomes habit. This is one of the fundamental reasons that motivation, will power, and even some controls do not ultimately work, It takes a substantial amount of time, positive choices, repetition, rewards, desire, as well as an education about the effects of our choices that is required to internalize a principle or character trait. Poor lifestyle choices and habits that have taken years to develop likewise take a significant amount of time, education, and reinforcement to ultimately change.

  Military schools are inadequate at assisting in the complex process of internalization, especially when dealing with troubled teens. Troubled teens have a far greater chance at success in schools that encompass military school philosophies of set rules, leadership, discipline and academics, but also offer educational emotional growth seminars and make available optional therapeutic counseling as well as a very effective environment to encourage positive choices and redirect inappropriate choices. Teen placement in such schools is often a difficult decision for parents to make, but they are proven to be more successful than just therapy or discipline alone. These behavior modification schools have demonstrated an uncanny ability to help thousands of troubled teens in their quest to improve themselves and prepare to be respectable adults.

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