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  With the quality of most public schools dwindling as a result of increased enrollment and decreased funding, many parents seek alternative schools to educate their children. Effective alternatives include private schools whose focus is a military style of discipline and education.

  Military schools provide cadets with the traditional college prep curriculum found in public schools, but the quality of teaching often exceeds that found in public school. Since most military schools are also a boarding school, many times the teachers are fully dedicated to the students and can offer extra academic assistance. In addition to a quality education, cadets can expect to have organized daily study time to ensure they complete their assignments and keep from falling behind.

  Many parents with troubled teens think that the structure and discipline taught in military boarding schools is just what their child needs, but there are actually alternative schools that are more suited to teenagers with behavioral and/or emotional problems.

  Alternative schools for troubled teenagers include not only a military style education, but they also include much needed therapy and staff who are trained to help teenagers modify their negative behaviors in a setting that allows them to progress with other teenagers who are dealing with similar issues such as ADHD or Depression. While military schools are wonderful for stable teenagers, they may only pose further problems in the progress of a struggling teenager.

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