Struggling Teens – Rules of Admission do not eliminate misbehavior
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Struggling Teens - Military Boarding School Admissions:

  The admissions process for military schools is not as simple as just going and signing up for classes on the first day of school. There is often a very selective interview process in which admissions staff filter out the applications of those who they believe will not make it as a cadet. A successful cadet would be someone who displays strong leadership, the ability to follow directions, and who excels academically. Struggling teens are not viable candidates for military boarding school. Struggling teens need stability and discipline to be sure, but teens in crisis need to rehabilitate before they can even think about participating in a mentally and physically rigorous military boarding school program. Teen help is available in the form of behavior modification schools designed to help struggling teens that may need emotional therapy and or drug/alcohol treatment.

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*The phone numbers listed on this website may be answered by a number of organizations that specialize in helping struggling teens.